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Correct Spelling for Bank, BCS or other exams part-1

Correct Spelling

Actually it is for correct spelling. The word meaning and sentences may help us to remember them easily. All the candidates of BCS, BANK or other examinee can be benefitted from this post.

Adulterate ভেজালUnscrupulous businessman adulterates food.
accommodate মিটমাট করাWe should accommodate our problem instead of going to police.
accommodation বাসস্থানThere are so many people who have no accommodation.
adversity প্রতিকূলতাWe should keep patience at any adversity.
Achievement অর্জনPadma bridge is one of the biggest achievement for Bangladesh.
Atmosphere বায়ুমণ্ডলWe should keep our atmosphere free from pollution.
ascertain নিরূপণ করাThe government has ascertained tax on us.
Archaeology প্রত্নতত্ত্বWe should read archaeology to know our history more.
adolescence কৈশোরEveryone want to go to his adolescence.
acquaintance পরিচিতিI have no acquaintance with programming language.
Approval অনুমোদনWe need government approval while leaving the country.
Allegiance আনুগত্যWe must show allegiance to the government.
aborigines আদিবাসীMost of the aborigines of our country live in hilly areas.
Accelerate ত্বরান্বিত করুনWe should not accelerate the speed of our bike over 60km/h.
Awkward বিশ্রীThe flower is awkward.
accessories আনুষাঙ্গিকHe has brought accessories in his bag.
Admissible গ্রহণযোগ্যCorruption is not admissible in our country.
attendanceউপস্থিতিThe attendance of the student is very poor.
Assurance আশ্বাসThe assurance of the prime minister gives us the power of fighting against corruption.
assassination হত্যাThe assassination of our leaders brought sorrow for us.

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