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Paragraph on 'A Winter Morning'

A Winter Morning

A morning falling in the season of winter is called a winter morning. Fog, mist, dew etc. are the most common features of a winter morning. The sun shines very dimly. People like to remain comfortably wrapped up by the quilt till their duties do not force them to leave their bed. There is biting cold everywhere. The office goers and the school going children go out shivering in the chill. The poor warm themselves sitting round a fire until the sun rises a little higher. It is a very common scene to see people of all ages basking in the sun. The birds and beasts feel happy to see the rays of the sun. Farmers go to the field with ‘hooka’ in their hands. Mothers prepare various kinds of cakes and serve them to the members of the family. Date juice is another attraction in the rural areas. Most of the people in our country are fond of drinking raw date juice. Besides, various types of native foods including cakes are prepared from date juice. Moreover, dewdrops on grass and leaves and numberless colourful flowers cannot but delight our mind on a winter morning.