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Bright (Adjective)উজ্জ্বলThis colour is bright.
Brightness (Noun)উজ্জ্বলতাThis colour has brightness.
Brighten (Verb)উজ্জ্বল করাHard labour will brighten your future.
Believe (Verb)বিশ্বাস করাHe believes me.
Belief (Noun)বিশ্বাসI have belief in God.
Believable (Adjective)বিশ্বাসযোগ্যHis story is believable.
Beauty (Noun)সৌন্দর্য্যThe beauty of the place charms me.
Beautiful (Adjective)সুন্দরOur country is very beautiful.
Beautifully (Adverb)সুন্দরভাবেHe recites the poem beautifully.
Beautify (Verb)সুন্দর করাShe beautifies herself regularly.
Basis (Noun)ভিত্তিThis theory was the basis of his invention.
Base (Verb)ভিত্তি করেHis invention based on this theory.
Broad (Adjective)চওড়া, প্রশস্তThe road is broad.
Broaden (Verb)চওড়া করাTry to broaden your outlook.
Breadth (Noun)প্রশস্ততাThe breadth of the road is enough.
Consider (Verb)বিবেচনা করাPlease consider my prayer.
Consideration (Noun)বিবেচনাYour prayer is under consideration.
Considerable (Adjective)বিবেচনার যোগ্যYour prayer is considerable.
Considerably (Adverb)বিবেচনার সাথেHe accepted my prayer considerably.
Courage (Noun)উৎসাহ, সাহসThe boy has much courage.
Courageous (Adjective)উৎসাহীThe boy is very much courageous.
Courageously (Adverb)উৎসাহের সাথেHe did the work courageously.
Encourage (Verb)উৎসাহিত করাOur teacher encourages us to learn English.
Care (Noun)যতœTake care of your health.
Care (Verb)গ্রাহ্য করাI don’t care him.
Careful/careless (Adjective)যতœবান / যতœহীনMy mother is very careful. He is very careless.
Carefully (Adverb)যতেœর সাথেHe did the work very carefully.
Classify (Verb)শ্রেণিকরণ করাI can classify the tense.
Classification (Noun)শ্রেণিকরণI know the classification of verbs.
Class (Noun)শ্রেণিOur classes will be held on next week.
Create (Verb)সৃষ্টি করাGod has created us.
Creation (Noun)সৃষ্টিWe are creation of God.
Creative (Adjective)সৃষ্টিশীলHe has a creative mind.