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'Introduction to Drama' Previous Question-2016 with Answer



Code: 221101

Introduction to Drama

Time: 4 hours                                                                                                              Full Marks: 80


1.   Answer any ten questions.                                                                                          10 ´ 1 =10

(a) Who was Teiresias?

      Ans: Teiresias was the blind prophet. He was a soothsayer.

(b) Who is Duke Senior?

      Ans: Duke Senior is the father of Rosalind and the elder brother of Duke Frederick. He has been banished by his younger brother.

(c) Who is Raina’s mother?

      Ans: Raina’s mother is Catherine.

(d) Name the sons of Maurya who died in the sea?

      Ans: The sons of Maurya are Stephen, Shawn, Sheamus, Patch, Michel and Bartley.

e) Who are the characters in ‘The Lion and the Jewel’?

f) What kind of play is ‘Riders to the sea’?

      Ans: “Riders to the Sea” is a one-act tragedy.

g) Whom did Oedipus send to the Oracle of Apollo?

      Ans: Oedipus sent Creon to the Oracle of Apollo.

h) What is ‘Professional’ to Bluntschli?

      Ans: The act of fighting is ‘Professional’ to Bluntschli.

i) Why did Orlando suffer at the hands of Oliver?

      Ans: Orlando suffered at the hands of Oliver because Oliver hated him. The reason of this hatred was that Orlando’s good qualities made him loved by all and become more popular than Oliver.

j) What gift was Oedipus’ greatness?

      Ans: The gift of riddle solving was Oedipus’ greatness.

k) Who is Louka?

      Ans: Louka is a maid servant of Petcoff family.

1) Who is an illiterate goat in ‘The Lion and the Jewel’?

      Ans: Sidi, according to Lakunle, is an illiterate goat in ‘The Lion and the Jewel'.



Answer any five questions:                                                                                                4 ´ 5 = 20

2.      Provide a brief account of the encounter between Oedipus and Teiresias.

3.      What Raina’s view on killing the fugitives?

4.      Why does Orlando write verses?

5.      Why, according to Sidi, does Baroka want to marry her?

6.      Who embodies life force in ‘Arms and the Man’?

7.      What was the Oracle’s advice to get rid of the terrible plague?

8.      Describe the fight in which Charles was defeated by Orlando?

9.      Explain Maurya as a tragic character.



Answer any five questions.                                                                                           10 ´ 5 = 50

10.    Exhibit properly King Oedipus as a classical tragedy.

11.    Find out the romantic elements in ‘As You Like It’.

12.    Analyse the use of nature in J M Synge’s ‘Riders to the Sea’.

13.    Evaluate ‘Arms and the Man’ as a problem play.

14.    Draw the character of Lakunle from your reading of the drama ‘The Lion and the Jewel’

15.    Remark on G. B. Shaw’s approach towards love and marriage in his famous play ‘Arms and the Man’.

16.    Consider the correctness of the title of the drama. ‘The Lion and the Jewel’ by W. Soyinka.

17.    Depict the character of Celia on the basis of your reading the drama ‘As You Like It’.