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'Advance Reading and Writing' Previous Question-2012



Subject Code: 1164

(Advance Reading and Writing)

Time: 4 hours                                                                                                        Full marks: 80



Marks -- 1x10=10

Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:  (any five)                                  

The ocean abounds with life. Many different kinds of plants and animals live in the ocean and the study of these is called Marine Biology. The ocean is the home of the largest animal in the world, the blue whale and of the smallest ones as well. The plants and the animals in the sea can be divided into two groups, those that cannot swim but just float or drift in the water, called plankton and those that can swim freely in the sea. The plankton plants and animals are so small that they cannot be seen without a microscope. The plankton plants are called “the pasture of the sea” because they are the basic food for all sea animals. Since plants need sunlight to make their food from the minerals in the water, sea plants can grow only within about 150 meters of the ocean’s surface, up to which light can reach. So animal life which depends on sea plants is most abundant in the surface layer of the ocean. In the deep sea where sun-light cannot reach, there is no plant life. Yet some animals do, live there. The deep sea animals and fishes that live in this dark, cold, hostile world have developed strange forms and habits which help them in their struggle for existence. The deep-sea fishes are obviously carnivorous animals. They have gigantic mouths with sharp teeth, but their bodies are small. The dragon fish can expand its stomach to swallow its prey six times larger than itself. Thus it can make one meal last a long time food being scarce in the deep sea. Some deep-sea fishes are blind and have feelers to guide them. But most of them produce their own light which illuminates their surroundings and helps them to find food.


1. (a) What is Marine Biology?

(b) Why cannot the plankton plants and animals be seen without microscope?

(c) Why do sea plants need sunlight?

(d) Why is that: no plant life in the deep sea?

(e) How do the blind fishes in the deep sea find their food?

(f) What do you understand by “carnivorous animals”?


Read the poem critically and answer the question that follows (any five):

Much have I travell'd in the realms of gold,

And many goodly states and kingdoms seen;

Round many western islands have I been

Which bards in fealty to Apollo hold.

Oft of one wide expanse had I been told

That deep-brow'd Homer ruled as his demesne;

Yet did I never breathe its pure serene

Till I heard Chapman speak out loud and bold:

Then felt I like some watcher of the skies

When a new planet swims into his ken;

Or like stout Cortez when with eagle eyes

He star'd at the Pacific—and all his men

Look'd at each other with a wild surmise—

Silent, upon a peak in Darien.


(g) What does the poet say about his travelling?

(h) What does the poet mean by “realms of gold”?

(i) Why does the poet describe Homer as “deep-brow’d”?

(j) Who was Chapman?

(k) What does the expression ‘pure serene’ mean?

(l) How did the poet feel when he read Homer?


Part–B Writing-1

(Answer any five of the following questions)

Marks- 4×5= 20

What voice and style will you use when you write on the following topics:--

2. William Wordsworth as a poet.

3. Women Education in Bangladesh.

4 . Television Advertisements.

5. A Good Friend.


Write 3 to 5 sentences on the following topics for the given purposes and audiences:

6. Modern forms of Entertainment (purpose- to inform; audience-general people)

7. Reading Newspaper (purpose-to persuade; audience undergraduate students)

8. Standard of Education in Bangladesh (purpose-to expose; audience-teachers)

9. Human rights (purpose-to argue; audience-garments workers)



Part–C-- Writing- II

(Answer any five of the following questions)

Marks- 10×5= 50

10. Amplify the idea contained in the following statement- Man is the architect of his own fortune.

11. Write an application to the Principal for increasing library facilities in your College.

12. Write a report for a newspaper on the celebration of 21st February in your college this year.

13. Write a letter to your foreign friend describing the recent Performance of Bangladesh Cricket Team.

14. Write an argumentative paragraph on uses and abuses of mobile phone.

15. Write an example paragraph on benefits of good manners.

16. Write a short essay on value of time.

I7. Write a composition on computer education in Bangladesh.